Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of A Scoundrel – paperback



This comprehensive biography of an extraordinary confidence man, gambler, and organizer of confidence men is set against the carefully researched historical times of the evolving Old West. Author and great-grandson Jeff Smith spent 24 years researching and writing the history of the busy life and violent death of one of the West’s most infamous, and some say often unfairly maligned, masters of the criminal arts and natural-born leaders of men. Was Soapy Smith a “good man”? This history points to SOMETIMES. Was he a “bad man”? Without doubt, OFTEN. In this book, from Georgia to Texas, from Denver and the silver and gold boomtowns of Colorado, to Mexico and the Western states to the great Northwest, and to the last frontier, Alaska, you will travel with Soapy Smith to his criminal empires and final bold, deadly showdown with vigilantes.